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We are all experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, where we are dealing with the loss of our income, experiencing business losses, coping with the change of our lifestyle, being lonely or worrying about the future of our situations.

The coronavirus may affect the elderly more but did you know that suicide is already the 2nd leading cause of death with young adults? Loneliness is one of the biggest catalysts of suicidal tendencies so this will potentially increase during the pandemic.

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between unemployment and mental health issues? It is estimated that for every 1% of the unemployment rate rise, we lose about 58,000 people from suicide? We're already above 30% unemployment!

The negative mental health effects of the pandemic are going to be catastrophic so please help us reach more people by sharing our website, social media or content. Thank you!

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