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[Video] The Mindset to Do Extraordinary Things

Thinking Out Loud [Live] Episode 11

In this episode of Thinking Out Loud [Live], we have a discussion with Freddie Bennett about developing an adventure mindset and gaining the skills, techniques, and confidence to do the extraordinary things in life.

Just an Ordinary Man. Guinness World Record Holder. Ultrarunner. Ironman. Spartan. Firewalker. Father.

As well as being an adventurer who has conquered some of the world’s toughest challenges, Freddie has over 15 years’ experience helping some of the world’s leading businesses define and execute global strategies.

He specializes in advising businesses on how to inspire and motivate their employees to change, focusing on engagement, learning, leadership development, motivation, mental health, and wellbeing.

Through his challenges, Freddie enlightens others on:

Inner strength. Embracing change. Motivation. Dealing with adversity. Continuous Improvement. Mental Health. Creating compelling visions. Creativity. Stepping out of our comfort zones. Going the distance.

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