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Giving thanks to veterans for Thanksgiving

We raised money on Veterans Day so we decided to donate the funds towards helping veterans for Thanksgiving. We reached out to local organizations to connect with veterans who might need a little sense of inspiration. We wanted to provide them with full Thanksgiving meals that include everything they need to enjoy the holiday with their families.

For each package, we included a turkey, Stove Top stuffing, sodas, corn, bread, and a whole bunch of other stuff along with the ingredients and utensils they need to cook everything!

We drove around all day delivering packages to different veterans 2 days before Thanksgiving so that they have plenty of time to plan their holiday. It was very humbling and it was very fulfilling to have inspired these veterans.

We wanted to capture our efforts to help inspire you to enhance your gratitude and maybe get a little bit of inspiration that might help change your perspective.

Thank you for watching our video! Please donate to help us reach more people in our effort to pursue our mission of helping people change their perspective from dreaming of one day to starting day one.

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