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[Video] 7 Ways Gratitude Can Transform Your Life

Thinking Out Loud Live | Episode 17

In this episode of Thinking Out Loud Live, we have a discussion with Jennifer Garman about her discovery of gratitude being one of the biggest influencers of one’s health and happiness while working in the medical field, studying the human brain, and training to be a life coach.

Jennifer Garman is on a mission: to inspire others to practice gratitude to improve mental wellness, elevate happiness, and build resilience. Her entire life revolves around this concept.

Formerly a software engineer for Hewlett-Packard and later a marketing advisor in the medical sector, Garman found the practice of gratitude so transformative when studying for her life coaching certification she decided to make it her life’s purpose.

Garman is the founder and CEO of, where families can purchase the Growing Gratitude Tree—a product that teaches children how to cultivate gratitude and build resilience. This award-winning product has been featured in multiple magazines and on live TV via HSN.

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This episode was made possible by Start Day One, a non-profit foundation for mental health and suicide prevention, which has a different approach in helping people by proactively reaching out instead of reactively waiting for mental health issues or suicidal tendencies.

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